#1. Story Board :
We get on a call with clients and stakeholders to discuss about the project needs [ We call it Story Board Phase]  and overall functionality is discussed to evaluate if Drupal is a good fit or will it need any additional third party tools integration also. One of our intention of this exercise is to get the in-depth project requirements. This requirements are then taken to our project management tool Pivotal Tracker and user stories are created with functional requirement captured in story [in Icebox].

#2. Estimation party :
Once the stories are ready, the Dev team do a grooming session and all the stories are filled with detailed technical solution and efforts to finish it. We call it estimation party, where each story is given a estimation on a scale of 1 - 8 (Fibonacci series) point. Our 1 point equals to 2 hours of development efforts  At end of this session, we get the total efforts required to finish all stories. We adjust the team strength in project tool and it will tell us the projected end date of development

#3. Freeze UI /  UX :
In this stage, we assume that the designs are ready by client and based on above user stories they are adjusted if any changes needs to happen due to way the user stories are specked up.

#4. Sprint Planning ( Dev Kickoff ):
Once all the stories are checked and approved by Product Owner, we do a session where all the stories are pulled from Icebox to Backlog as per the priority and dependencies, and 2 weeks sprints are scheduled. At end end of each sprint, we do a sprint review along with Client about stories delivered in sprint and stories that will be worked on in next sprint, if any blockers are there, they are also brought to attention to all stake holders and discussed. Development gets started in sprints.

#5. Prelaunch Week :
In this phase the ready product / platform is open for testing / live simulation by small set of beta testers and any reported issues are fixed on priority. At end of this week, the product is scheduled for launch.

#6. After launch :
Once the platform goes live, we follow the iteration of sprints to tackle any known issues / new feature development  etc, and deployment happens as per the need. Agile methodology is followed as before for any new feature development. Small feature development happens in same project, for any huge platform addition, we treat it as a separate project, and at end of the development, its been merged / deployed to main project.